April 30, 2012

Dauin: Baslay Twin Hot Springs

A scenery you'll see along the way
It was one fine day and my cousins and I were so bored hanging out in the house. So an unplanned decision was made: we would go to Baslay Twin Hot springs in Dauin.

It’s several kilometres and more than half an hour away from Dumaguete. There are habal-habal heading to Baslay, these are the local motorcycle ride of the residents in that area. But since we have motorcycles, we drove those going to our destination. From the drop off point on the highway, we had a tough wild ride up to Baslay. The road was really rough, it was rocky and sandy. There were parts of it that wasn’t cemented, so we had some moments of falling.

After seeing the sign, at first we were a little disappointed, because it was temporarily closed for renovation. We didn’t know that it was hit by the typhoon Sendong last year. But luckily, with God’s grace, we were allowed to get in! So we walked down the steep mountain stairs, hundreds of steps away from the entrance.
Start of the walk down
The place was very fascinating. We got to see a very close view of the mountain and the clouds on it.  It was full of life.
As we continue to walk, we heard the shrilly sound of cicadas; which proofs that the environment is not so disturbed. Also, we smelled the steam coming out from the mountain. They said it was therapeutic sulphur. And it’s good for the body.

The 2 dipping pool were quite big. The other was divided into four. The hot water was straight from the mountain.

We were not able to stay there for long, because there were no cottages yet to shed in. Well, there was one left by Sendong, but it was occupied.

Going back to the entrance was more interesting. It was rigorous and taxing.

More Pictures of Baslay:

A picturesque shot overlooking the open sea.

A close look of the sky

The divided dipping pool. Good thing the typhoon didn't take this.
Clean hot water rushing down from the mountain.
Steaming white sulphur from the mountain of Baslay.

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